Publications & Presentations



In Preparation

  • M. Gaskill, The Sound and the Silence: Witches, Heretics, and the First American Frontier.
  • S. Page, Idiosyncratic Cosmologies in the Late Middle Ages.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

In Preparation

  • O. Davies & C. Houlbrook, ‘Making Sense of Historical Ritual Building Concealments: Interpretations, Emotions, and Public Engagement’, to be submitted to Past & Present.
  • O. Davies & C. Houlbrook, ‘The Perpetual Idea of Domestic Foundation Sacrifice in Archaeology, History, and Folklore’, to be submitted to Antiquity.
  • M. Gaskill, ‘’Eager After the World’: Witchcraft, Emotion and Social Change in Seventeenth-Century New England’, to be submitted to William & Mary Quarterly.
  • M. Gaskill, ‘Witchcraft and Emotion in Early Modern England’, to be submitted to Past & Present.
  • C. Houlbrook, ‘Revealing the Ritually Concealed: Tracing the Concealed Shoe from its Moment of Discovery’, to be submitted to the Journal of Material Religion.
  • S. Page, ‘A Late Medieval Demonic Invasion of the Heavens’, to be submitted to a Festschrift volume.
  • S. Page, ‘Animals, Demons and Magic in Late Medieval Europe’, to be submitted to the Paris Magikon Zoon conference proceedings.
  • S. Page, ‘Magical Diagrams in Late Medieval Europe’, to be published in S. Page & C. Rider (eds), The Routledge Companion to Late Medieval Magic.
  • K. Walker-Meikle, ‘Astral Influences on Embryos in Late Medieval Medicine and Astrology’, journal article in preparation.


  • C. Houlbrook, ‘The Concealed Revealed: The ‘Afterlives’ of Apotropaic Deposits’, submitted to History Workshop Journal.


  • M. Gaskill, ‘Little Commonwealths II: Communities’, in K. Wrightson (ed.), Cambridge Social History of England, 1500-1750 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017).
  • M. Gaskill, ‘Afterword: Passions in Perspective’, in L. Kounine & M. Ostling (eds), Emotions in the History of Witchcraft (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2017).
  • C. Houlbrook, ‘The Other Shoe: Fragmentation in the Post-Medieval Home’, Cambridge Archaeological Journal (2017).

Blog Posts, Journalism, & Interviews

Papers & Talks


  • 20 October: C. Houlbrook, ‘Archaeology in the Attic: Concealed Shoes and Protective Magic’, Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts (Castleshaw, Greater Manchester).
  • 4 October: O. Davies, ‘Researching the Material Culture of Post-Medieval Magic: Challenging Preconceptions and Creating a Crowd-Sourced Virtual Archive’, Authority, Materiality, and Media (University of Southern Denmark, Odense).
  • 19 September: M. Gaskill, ‘Witchfinder General: Matthew Hopkins and the East Anglian Witch-Hunt of 1645–7’, Historical Association (Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln).
  • 1 September: M. Gaskill, ‘The Emotional Foundations of Seventeenth-Century English America’, U3A (Rayleigh, Essex).
  • 12 August: C. Houlbrook, ‘From Old Shoes to Dried Cats: Unravelling the Mystery of the Domestic Deposit’, Historicising Beliefs (Newcastle University).
  • 4 July: K. Walker-Meikle, ‘Swallow a Frog and Avoid Croaking: Ingesting Poisonous Animals in William of Marra’, International Medieval Congress (University of Leeds).
  • 29 June: K. Walker-Meikle, ‘Los placeres y los peligros de las mascotas medievales’, Els Animals a l’edat Mitjana (Universitat de Lleida, Balaguer).
  • 23 June: M. Gaskill, ‘The Demonstration of Witchcraft: Emotion and Proof in Early Modern England’, Witchcraft and Emotions II: Social Conflict and the Judicial Process (Centre for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute).
  • 27 May: C. Houlbrook, ‘Concealed Revealed: Hidden Deposits in the Post-Medieval Home’, Coins, Hoards and Special Deposits (University College London).
  • 27 May: C. Houlbrook, ‘A Plague of Padlocks: The Dissemination of Contemporary Deposits’, Coins, Hoards and Special Deposits (University College London).
  • 20 May: M. Gaskill, ‘Silence and Suspicion: Witchcraft in a Seventeenth-Century American Household’, Supernatural Spaces in the Early Modern World (John Rylands Library, Manchester).
  • 2 April: C. Houlbrook, ‘Putting the (Concealed) Shoe on the Other Foot: From Concealer to Finder’, Hidden Charms (Norwich Castle Museum).
  • 22 March: C. Houlbrook, ‘The ‘I’ In Magic: Distributed Personhood in the Post-Medieval House’, Social History Society Conference (Lancaster University).
  • 22 March: K. Walker-Meikle, ‘Medieval Rabies: Fear and Animal-Human Boundaries’, Social History Society Conference (Lancaster University).


  • 14-16 December: C. Houlbrook, ‘If The (Concealed) Shoe Fits: The Logical Pairing of Archaeology and Folklore’, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference (University of Bradford).
  • 26 November: C. Houlbrook, ‘Archaeology in the Attic: Concealed Shoes and Protective Magic’, Middleton Archaeology Society (Middleton, Greater Manchester).
  • 23 November: M. Gaskill, ‘The Personification of Witchcraft: Emotion, Identity and Reality in Early Modern England’, Witchcraft and Emotions I: Media and Cultural Meanings (Centre for the History of Emotions, University of Melbourne).